Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hello visitors to this Blog!
Hello I am currently working on fixing all the links to this most of the videos were hosted on Photobucket and with their new format or maybe it was something I did..all of the link I'll be uploading to youtube and hosting from there...

So slowly the posts will be be fixed...

Thanks for viewing and join me on facebook for conversation, mini print giveaway, new glaze kiln photos and other

dandilionsong (notice that dandilion is spelled "wrong"..) 

I hope to see you there

I'll put a link to a new experiment I am trying with printwork here...society!!

Hugs and thanks for reading!

Hello visitors to this blog!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Luna Mystique

This was made on Dec 28th 2011....

Sorry this video isn't playing...I'll figure this out.. :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Blah Blah Blah Porcelain Print has a WINNER!

Who Won the Fall Appreciation Giveaway!???

I am a few days late on the calculations...
I forgot that I was going to hang a show 
near the New Year too...

Happy New Year Everyone...
and the Winner of this
Porcelain Print is.......

Dora Anderson!!
Thankyou so much Dora for all of
your likes and
internet support of my
FB really brightens my day!

There are many great commentors
on FB, the blog and Twitter and
numbered them all from 1-33
and the random generator picked 5
which was Dora!!

Shipping is Free for this item!

I am so thankful for all of my internet friends and am so 
happy to send this item to Dora..who's name I see so often
on Heedless Facebook  ...HUGS Dora!!!

 Happy New Year Everyone!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy 2012....Lots of Love to you!!

Here is my new year post...a few days early! I do miss all the love from blog land...
I had a good break...and am going to take it easy (slower pace) for the new year.

I am hoping to hang a new shop at JazzKats in Hollywood this week for the new year.
I would love to blog about that and hopefully that will happen...They are awesome, JazzKats is in Hollywood in Portland....they are well loved and always busy. Rightfully so...awesome people..great cafe..

So is a new movie that I made last night about a new master carving that is
going in the bisque kiln which will fire in a few days...

I will be announcing the winner of the fall giveaway...sometime the first week of January...Lots of love to everyone who has supported me with their comments and love...I hope that you feel my love even if your name is not picket...HUGS!

Fall Giveaway Link

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anika Wins!! the first print of "Descended from a Tree"

I am SO Happy!
to announce a Winner!
for my 100+ giveaway!

Congratulations Anika!!!

Its fun when the entries are
low numbers ...because the odds are so good.
Since we only have 5 entries..
I would like to send everyone a special gift
for entering...(refrigerator magnets will all my love)

So Winners!  Send me your snail mail addresses!

by email or however you wish...
just let me know how you did it :)

heedless(boogabooga)ceramics (at) gmail (dot) com  (nospaces-removethe"boogabooga")


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Celebrating 100+ Facebook Likes
with a new

 Celebrating this Giveaway....
and all of my lovely internet community!! HUGS
to everyone! I wish I could send each of you a gift!
Stay tuned for my Friendly Comment Giveaway
which will be announced January 1st or so 2012

This Giveaway is sort of a SURPRISE!
I just decided all of a sudden how to
celebrate 100+
all you have to do
to be in a Drawing
to Win this
Framed, Signed, Handpulled Print
1. "like" on FB
2. leave a comment here saying that you'd
like to be entered to win...

A Winner will be announced....Next Thursday!!
(November 16 2011)

This is my most recently printed linocut project, and
this edition has only 4 prints!  I changed the master
after this printing...
So ..small editions of hand made prints are very special!

This one is already framed! Float Matted...
It is a plexi-IKEA frame..

This is not the fanciest frame,

and if you would like 
to reframe it when you receive it
then I understand. But this way it is ready to hang

and enjoy and the frame is also
safe to ship.
Here are some photos of the details of the print...

This Blog post shows the hand printing process of
linoleum prints in general..some of my other prints...

and this blog post
shows the carving of this
piece in progress..

here is the Etsy Listing:

a photo of the carving process of the linoleum...
I carved this for approximately 50 or 60 hours...
it was very fun, I worked on it in the summertime...

I am hoping that I will get some Holiday Cards made from
my sketches...and I would love to send each of you one.
I know that Melissa is already on my Holiday list..
You can send me your snail mail address on Twitter
by DM (@me if I don't follow you yet), etsy convo (tell me in the comments
how you sent I can look for it), my business email is
Please tell me in the comments if you used this email, because
I don't check it very often.. :)

Thankyou Everyone
for making the Internet a fun place for me!

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